5 Healthy No added Sugar Snacks For You

Eating healthily can be difficult. It’s never easy to make sure that you’re looking after your body and watching what you eat, but it’s never been more accurate for people who are trying to lose weight or keep it off.


The urge to snack is very high among a lot of people. It’s clear to many that the ultimate aim of snacking while avoiding sugary foods is difficult in modern society. However, we have some personal trainer advice to  take a look at a selection of the best possible No added sugar-free snacks you could choose for yourself.


Plain Yoghurt


This may seem like something boring, but it is free from sugar, and often contains bacteria which is good for you as opposed to bad. Plus, it doesn’t have to be boring – a lot of people mix in berries and almonds to give the yoghurt some substance and flavour. It’s a great way of avoiding all of those false sugars you know exist but don’t want to get yourself involved with.


Kale Crisps


As a healthy alternative to the regular crisps, Kale has no sugar in it all, but it is really good for you. It’s bursting with all the different kinds of vitamins and minerals and can provide everything that you would need for your healthy snack. Plus, when paired with a dip which you made yourself, they really can be absolutely divine.


Mixed Nuts


When you’ve managed to get hold of some nuts, mix them all up and you’ve got yourself a healthy snack which has no sugar. The thing about nuts is that they’re also high in protein and fibre, which your body needs to maintain a healthy and happy equilibrium. You’ll find that a handful of mixed nuts will keep you going for a good few hours, and is also pretty healthy for you too.




Technically, this isn’t sugar-free. But, it is free from all the nasty refined sugar which is commonplace in our food. Smoothies are just made from fruit, and they give you all the benefits of the fruit while managing to be a delicious snack. Just remember to mix up a lot of fruit, and you’ll be set.


Rice Cakes


Another entry into the world of the sugar-free is the rice cake. They’re actually quite tasty in certain variants, or you can pair them with something else for a very unique and enjoyable snack to keep you going.


Overall, these are just a few of the different kinds of healthy and sugar-free snacks that you can enjoy for yourself. They’re all great in different ways, offering you a unique experience which provides a full stomach while you wait for the next meal. Avoiding processed sugar and all of the other nonsense can be so important, especially when you consider that it all adds up to a slew of health problems. It is essential to try and avoid these kinds of things wherever you can, and always reach for a healthy alternative where possible especially when you have a rest day from training.





5 Minute Watermelon Limeade

5 Minute Watermelon Limeade

Whip up this refreshing 5 minute Healthy watermelon limeade for your next BBQ.

Ok, it’s no longer prime melon season. It’s actually cold and rainy  right now. But, reaching back a few weeks to when I made this delicious (and gorgeous might I say) summery beverage made this drizzly evening just that much better!

One aspect about buying seasonal, quantity produce at the farmers market is the excitement about forcing yourself to experiment in the kitchen. Well, at least it is for me. I love to eat watermelon plain, but when you’re constantly working against the clock on a family sized melon nearly alone, each slice is less enticing. I remembered a friend talking about watermelon juice & I thought I just had to try it while I was swimming in watermelon. Have you tried watermelon juice? I think it may be some South American country’s (Brazil maybe) staple drink, but I could be pulling that out of nowhere. My intrigue with watermelon juice actually didn’t start last year when my friend asked me if I’d tried it, it actually started years ago….

The summer after I returned from my study abroad in Spain, I worked at the deli at Sundance Resort. That was one of my favorite jobs, as I worked with really fun and great people, and the clientele was awesome! Most of our patrons were kind and fun to talk to. Plus, with it’s namesake, we had the occasional celebrity. If you get the opportunity to visit Sundance Resort, either for a meal or to stay, you should take the opportunity. It’s completely beautiful up there. Anyways, I digress…. The point of this story is that I heard from my coworkers that the wife of a classic American designer had asked for watermelon juice. At our deli, where we had sandwich fixings and desserts galore, but no melon to juice. They told her no, and her automatic reaction was to ask instead for cantaloupe juice. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, the answer to this request was no as well. We did have the high powered blenders, but not enough melon to give her more than just a shot of juice. I remember this story still because it was told in such a funny ironic way. Still cracks me up. Not to make fun of her at all, but like cantaloupe water is far more common than watermelon water? In this moment, neither are too far obscure, but rewind back 5 years and juicing wasn’t all the rage, at least here. Maybe LA was another story. Anyways, hence the watermelon juice, and yes, it takes a lot of fruit to make the juice. But it’s easy and beautiful, so who cares right? Today Right Path Fitness  Share there favourite healthy Watermelon recipe below

5 Minute Watermelon Limeade

Serves 4

Whip up this refreshing watermelon limeade for your next summer BBQ.

Cook Time
1 min
Total Time
5 min


4 cups watermelon (unseeded)
Juice of 1-2 limes
Pinch of salt
Blend watermelon until smooth (or until desired chunkiness)
Add lime juice
Finish with a pinch of salt in each glass

If you want something even easier, add 3/4 cup limeade instead of lime juice. It’ll be sweeter but still will have a sweet, tangy lime flavor!

Again, this may not seem like the perfect refresher as the weather is cold, but this quick watermelon limeade may be the perfect remedy if you’re missing summer already. & Here’s to better planning on my part and actually getting recipes out when they’re still seasonally relevant!